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 Holdiay Rap 
 where we “wrap the world in holiday goodness”! 



And who are we? Why we are Holidays on the Net. And if your not familiar with our website this is what one reviewer wrote about us …

“Holidays on the Net is a beautifully done collection of multimedia holiday celebrations…More than just works of art, though, each holiday celebration also offers a wealth of information about the holiday, including its history and holiday-related activities.” 

 Or more simply put – we celebrate the year in holidays. Every day.

 And since every day is a holiday we are the place to celebrate. We don’t just limit ourselves to the biggies – Christmas, Thanskgiving, Halloween, etc. Here at Holidays on the Net we celebrate the daily, the weekly, and the monthly holidays all year long.

Remember – somewhere, someone  is celebrating someplace, and so are we. And one of the things we will bring to Holiday Rap is the fun and wacky daily holidays. Every morning we will be posting the holdiay of that day. We hope this will bring a little bit of fun to start your day. We’ll also keep you up to date on the weekly and monthly holidays too.

 We also hope to highlight interesting stories, news and ideas for the upcoming holidays. Things that we hope are interesting, unique or important. (Well at least in our minds!) So look for holiday news stories, holiday ideas, tips and tricks for decorating and celebrating. Tasty recipes and craft ideas.

 While this is a new blog, we do hope you are familiar with our website, Holdiays on the Net. If not we invite you to stop by and check us out. Visit our celebrations – we’ve got a whole years worth! Whether you’re interested in holiday cuture and traditions, fun and easy crafts, coloring pictures for the kids or tasty recipes we think you’ll enjoy your visit.

 And of course we invite you to send us you holiday tips, tricks, ideas and comments. Like what you see? Want to see more? Don’t like it? Then leave a comment and let us know. Do you have a easy holiday craft or tasty recipe you wish to share? A decorating tip? Did your neighbor put together a great holiday display this year? Or was it the tackiest thing you’ve ever seen? Well share it with us. Cause we love the good and the bad. And “tacky” has a very special place in our hearts! So come on and share! You can send us an email at this blog@holidays.net.
 Well thanks for stopping by and we hope you’ll try to stop by every day and check out what we’re celebrating. :)

 Thanks again and welcome to Holdiay Rap!

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