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Catalog Alert – The Source for Everything Jewish

Sunday, November 5th, 2006



With Chanukah only 40 days away, I thought I’d highlight another in our continuing “Catalog Alert” series. I received the catalog for The Source for Everything Jewish recently. This is a great place to find beautiful and unique Jewish Holiday items.




I would think the most important item needed for any Chanukah observance would, of course, be the menorah. The candle holder which holds the candles lit every night at sundown during Chanukah. We have collected many menorahs over the years and I think it might be time for another! :)

This Breast Cancer Awareness Menorah, by the artist Gary Rosenthal, is part of the “Women of Valor” collection and 10% of the sales are donated to breast cancer research and awareness. The pink fused glass used in the making of this menorah is made by those touched by breast cancer.




And aside from the menorah I would think the best know icon of Chanukah would be the dreidel. The four sided “top” that Jewish children play with. While the dreidels that kids play with are usually made of wood or plastic, once we’re adults we get the snazzy (and expensive!) ones.

This metal & glass swirl “draydel“* and stand is also made by Gary Rosenthal. Quite beautiful if I say so myself.


Chanukah begins this year at sundown December 15th, so its not too early to begin thinking of holiday gifts and supplies.

*draydel = dreidel. It is quite common when translating from Hebrew to English to have various spellings of the same word. Just look at the spelling of Chanukah, or Chanukkah, or Hanukkah, etc. All are correct.

Website: The Source for Everything Jewish


(Nov.05) Today we're celebrating…
National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

Sunday, November 5th, 2006

National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week
A week for celebration, promotion and education of the animal shelters in your community. Why don’t you how some love, thanks, and support by donating your time or $$ to your local shelter?

For more information, and a list of 10 “great ideas to say thanks to your local shelter for all they do for animals in your community“, visit the The Humane Society of the US.

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