Google Thanksgiving Logo 2006

Google Thanksgiving 2006Google once again showing how they are cooler then everyone else, posts there latest holiday logo. Couch potato Turkey probably watching, (American) football and a table tray with a stack of dishes on top. Oh yeah! Just had my turkey, now it’s time to do the dishes.

In other news, Googles share price is over 500.00 USD, that means that:

  1. I’m not rich at all, and I should of bought in when I had the chance.
  2. John C Devoak is selling, or perhaps he thinks it’s going up to 600 a share?
  3. Google is worth more money then god! (Is that sacrilegious to say that? Just taking a line from Jeremy Clarkson.)

Source: Google, and Google Finance

2 Responses to “Google Thanksgiving Logo 2006”

  1. louiev Says:

    >Just taking a line from Jeremy Clarkson

    Who the hell is Jeremy Clarkson? Is that Kelly’s brother? Dad? Uncle?

  2. Mark Says:

    Who’s Kelly? I know a Kelly, she was in my school last year. Freshmen, man she was freaking hot. Anyway, I totally digress on that one. Jeremy Clarkson is a TV host for Top Gear. Ya know that show where a driver got hurt, going 280 something miles an hour in a jet car? It’s British, I don’t think you’ve seen it.

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