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Dead Mommy – The Worst Christmas Song – Ever!

Monday, November 27th, 2006

Now that the Christmas season is in high gear – we are surrounded by holiday music. Its everywhere – on the radio, in the stores, in the offices, just everywhere. Now I love most Christmas music. I’d play it all the time if it wasn’t for those party poopers the Ho Ho Homies bitchen and moaning all the time.

But I have to point out the worst, most horrible, the most treacle Christmas song ever forced upon the human ear. The other day I had just finished too much Christmas shopping and had just gotten in car and turned on the radio. And there it was – the most obscene, the most vile Christmas song of them all. Its what I have come to call – the Dead Mommy song. I honestly don’t know the name because I turn the channel every time it comes on. But the song is about some poor kid who is buying shoes for his dying mother and doesn’t have enough money to pay for them!?!?! And momma needs these new shoes because she’s “gonna meet Jesus tonight“!? Just so absurd. And bizarre. And it seems to be sung by some male country singer. How did this ever become a holiday standard? I mean last year it was played so much I swore I would never to listen to it again. Luckily I have lots of good Christmas and holiday music to play all day long and never think about this mess again.

Just dreadful.

(Nov.27) Today we're celebrating…The Birthday of Jimi Hendrix

Monday, November 27th, 2006
Jimi Hendrix (musician)
The American singer, songwriter, and guitarist is regarded by many as one of the worlds most influential electric guitarist.

So Air Guitarists rejoice. Today is your day to celebrate your hero.

Photo Credit via Flickr: chattycathy7575.
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