Put On Your Yamulke, Its Time For Radio Chanukah


XM Radio has announced that it will begin broadcasting an exclusive Chanukah channel during the Chanukah holiday this year. For 8 days beginning December 15, XM will begin broadcasting "Radio Hanukkah" on channel 108. Aside from Adam Sandler’s witty Chanukah tune, the station will feature "the best in Jewish music, Broadway, talk, and kids programming."

A special feature will be Chanukah blessings "recited by a different Jewish American musician, entertainer or politician each night" for the nightly candle lighting for both the Eastern and Pacific time zones.

"Radio Hanukkah" begins at 5PM on December 15th with the first candle lighting.

Note to Sirius Radio – Hey guys there’s still time to "Put On Your Yamulkes!"

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  1. anita slosberg Says:

    I love radio chanukah!

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