The Christmas Tree Poster… so realistic visitors fooled into thinking it’s real!?!


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The heart-warming image of a family decorating a Christmas tree is a festive classic: stockings hanging above the fireplace as mom and dad arrange the tinsel; faces lighting up as twinkling lights are draped across branches; holiday tunes playing on the radio as cockney street urchins throw snowballs outside…

The point is this cozy cliché is a load of movie malarkey. Put simply, Christmas trees are a freakin’ nightmare. It’s a miracle if the lights work, there are needles and smashed balls all over the floor and you can never quite reach the fairy (insert your own joke here). And that’s after you’ve nearly broken your back carrying the thing home.

Fortunately you won’t have to suffer any of the above this year thanks to the ingenious Christmas Tree Poster. Depicting a fully decorated tree in all its festive glory, this huge, high quality print is ideal for anyone who can’t be bothered to erect a real tree. Simply unroll it and tack it to the wall. Easy!

…At almost 6 feet tall, the Christmas Tree Poster is so realistic visitors might even be fooled into thinking it’s real (assuming they’ve been hitting the egg nog all afternoon)…

Boy that sure must be some really good egg nog!!

link: Christmas Tree Poster

source: Gizmodo

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