(Jan.10) Today we're celebrating. . . National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

National Cut Your Energy Costs Day
Educate yourself about the ways to keep warm this winter (and cool this summer) without breaking the bank. Did I hear someone say SOLAR???

While exploring the solar power option for my own home I came across this interesting option: Solar power “rental”? One of the stumbling blocks to solar powering a residence is the high initial costs. Even with state and federal incentives its still very costly. But what if you could go solar cost effectively?

I came across this website for a company called CitizenrÄ“ and their REnU Program which allows you to have a professional and proven solar powered system installed in your home without the high cost. And you’ll have a guaranteed energy rate with no increases (for the length of your contract). HMMMMMMM…

As their website says:

By switching your home to solar power, you become part of the solution and you stop being part of the problem.

link: Citizenrē / REnU Program

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