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(Jan.30) We're scared. . . It’s Dick Cheney’s Birthday!

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007


Hey Kids. It’s Dick Cheney’s Birthday!
Hide the kids, keep the dogs in the house and run for your lives. Its Darth Vader’s birthday and we’re scared!

Actually he scares us all the time. But the idea of a grizzled and drunken partyboy out there hunting somewhere is just too frightening. But so was watching him sitting there behind the President at the State of the Union speech recently. Where’s that “undisclosed location” when we need it?

Ahhh yes – (rape’m while you can) Haliburton, (lack of) Energy policy, (what) Global Warming (?), (water-boarding is not) Torture, and hunting quail. Boy, what a legacy. And to celebrate his birthday Wal-Mart is having a special on shotguns (NOT!).

So join us as we remember our Vice President by shooting some friends over at Dick Cheney’s Texas Takedown!

photo credit: AP/Eric Gay

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