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(Feb.05) Today we're celebrating. . . Weatherman’s Day

Monday, February 5th, 2007

Weatherman’s Day
A day without the morning weather report is like a day without sunshine. (?) So lets give thanks to Al Roker and his compatriots for giving you something to talk about during those long awkward moments over at your girlfriends house.

Below is a great video showing the hazardous working conditions of our local weatherperson. And you thought that hurricane reporting was dangerous! (the sound level is a bit low so turn your speaker volume up)

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Do Men Really Prefer the Super Bowl to Valentine’s Day?

Monday, February 5th, 2007

44% men see Super Bowl Sunday as a bigger event than Valentine’s Day

According to a new survey conducted by Coors Light…

men…prefer an entire day dedicated to football, alcohol, and food to a day where they’re required to spend hundreds of dollars on flowers, gifts, jewelry, and dinner before watching a Hugh Grant movie

Add that to the fact that only 6% (!?!) of men receive Valentine’s Day gifts, while shelling out an average of $130. No wonder many of us consider Valentine’s Day a hassle!

link: AOL Sports – Men Prefer the Super Bowl to Valentine’s Day?
link: Men Most Likely to Give But Not Receive on Valentine’s Day

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