Two Timing V-Day Bouquets


Today’s joke:
A man walks in to a florist. He orders a single rose for his wife. And then 3 dozen roses for his girlfriend, telling the florist…

“It’s my wife – why the hell do I have to send flowers to my wife anymore?”

Only thing is – its not a joke.

While reading the morning papers I came across an interesting article in the Daily News about men who are ordering flowers for Valentine’s Day for both their wives and their girlfriends! In fact according to the article this is one of the dirty little secrets in the floral industry this time of year.

“We take an oath at florist school,” jokes… (one florist)… “We’re sworn to secrecy”

And as expected sometimes there is the inevitable mixup, with the wife receiving the girlfriends bouquet with all the ensuing fun as he tries to get out of that one! And while the florists in the article all agree its the men who do the ordering, none have yet encountered a woman ordering flowers for her husband AND her boyfriend. Though one florist did offer the story of the repeat customer who orders for both his wife and his boyfriend!

For more on two timing bouquets read the article the Julian Kesner over at the Daily News.
link: The Cheater’s Bouquet

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