(Feb.10) Today we're celebrating. . . Pro Sports Wives Day

02102007bb2.jpgPro Sports Wives Day

If You Can’t Win a Trophy, then Marry One!

So says an article over at Hogwild.net. While the article is a humorous look at the sexiest sports wives today, I honestly can’t figure out why this ones a holiday! And I know something about holidays!

Oh wait. It just hit me. I know what it is … Big BOOBIES!  Its in honor of the generous and unselfish philanthropic work that they do.  Oh! OK now I know what why we’re celebrating.

So to all those obscenely rich sports guys out there. Congrats!  

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  1. Holiday Elf Says:

    I married to a prune old elf and sports players get these lovely looking ladies following the around…ma by i went into the wrong profession.

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