(Feb.11) This Week we're celebrating. . . JELL-O Week

 JELL-O Week
Wiggling and jiggling through our childhoods, JELL-O has to be one of America’s favorite desserts.

Available in every color and flavor know to man (and then some), JELL-O is also one of the easiest things to make. Take some hot water and a packet of JELL-O add a little mixing and some refrigeration - and presto – JELL-O-y goodness!

And if you lived through the 1980’s and 90’s, whats JELL-O without Bill Cosby? Remember those ubiquitous Cosby/JELL-O ads? Well here’s one to enjoy as we wiggle, jiggle, and giggle our way thought the next week!

View some early JELL-O Pudding commercials after the jump.

Who can forget JELL-O Pudding! Well here’s a video intorducting the first JELL-O pudding!

Here’s another JELL-O pudding commercial from the 1950’s with Roy Rogers and Dale Evans!

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