(Feb.24) Today we're celebrating. . . Open That Bottle Night

Open That Bottle Night
Did you get a bottle of wine (or scotch, whiskey, a case of Heineken, or even margarita mixes) as a gift last Christmas? (can you believe its been 2 months since the holidays?) Is it still in your fridge? Well no more excuses. Tonight is the night to gather some friends, or if you’re pathetically alone or a hermit- yourself, and open that bottle up and party hearty!

Officially sponsored by Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher, the “Tastings” columnists for The Wall Street Journal, I’m thinking we’re supposed to be opening that fancy-schmancy bottle of wine you’ve got sitting around. But I don’t particularly like wine (yeah I know – how barbaric) so any type of liquid refreshment works for us!

Happy Saturday! Hic!!

photo credit: Prepare for the next holiday season with the Civic Drunk desktop wallpaper

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