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(March 14) Today we're celebrating. . . National Children's Craft Day

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

03142007g.jpgNational Children’s Craft Day
Kids and crafts go together like, well ahh . . . like glitter and glue!  You just can’t seem to find one without the other. And whats a better day than today, National Children’s Craft Day, for encouraging crafts and creativity in your kids.

So get out the safety scissors, construction paper, and glue sticks ’cause its time to get crafty.

And what better place to find holiday craft ideas than right here at Holidays on the Net? Visit our Crafts, Recipes and Coloring Pictures section for lots of great, and fun, holiday craft ideas!

(March 14) Today we're also celebrating. . . Pi Day

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

Pi Day

Pi Day is celebrated in a variety of ways. Parties or other observances may be held by mathematics departments in educational institutions. Harvard’s Math department, for instance, has a pi recitation contest as well as a pie eating contest. Mathematics or science clubs might gather to consider the role that the number Ï€ has played in their lives and to imagine the world without Ï€. During such an event, pi celebrants may approximate Ï€, devise alternative values for Ï€, eat pie, play piñata, drink Piña Colada, eat pizza (which itself is called pizza pie), listen to the song “Pi” by Kate Bush, watch Pi, or recite Pi. The song 867-5309/Jenny is sometimes sung, replacing the digits with the first several digits of pi.*


*source: wikipedia – Pi Day

(March 14) Today we're also celebrating. . . Moth-er Day

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

Moth-er Day
A day for honoring moth collectors and their collections. Many libraries and museums around the country take part by showcasing moth collections.

Emperor Gum Moth photo credit: wikipedia

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