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"Wee Man" & "Professional Leprechaun"

Friday, March 16th, 2007

Our very own local “Wee Man” made the news today with a story of his seasonal job as a “Professional Leprechaun.” 

Leprechaun impersonator Scott Seidman, a 4-foot-1 Long Islander, will spend more than 12 hours as the life of St. Patrick’s Day parties across Manhattan tomorrow. From   bar to bar to nightclubs Seidman will be keep us smiling into the wee early morning. 

Seidman has been praised for his professionalism as it seems finding reputable leprechauns is not easy! According to the promoter for the night club Pacha…


“We have had some nightmare leprechauns over the years,” the promoter says. “A lot of them can’t hold their liquor, and then you have intoxicated leprechauns and they pass out and when they’re drunk they look under girls’ skirts and are running around all over the place.”

(I’m sorry but drunk little people running around looking up skirts is just hysterical!)

Anyway good luck to our very own “Wee Man”!

“King of the Little People” photo credit and article: NY Daily News
Pacha photo credit: Pacha Nightclub 

(March 16) Today we're celebrating. . . Lips Appreciation Day

Friday, March 16th, 2007

03162007l.jpgLips Appreciation Day
Ah those lips. The lovely frames for your pearly whites. You’ve spent a fortune on your teeth and now its time to do something good for your lips.

And lets not forget kissing is always a great way to celebrate your lips!

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