(April 04) This Week we're celebrating. . . Laugh at Work Week

Laugh at Work Week
What better way to build teamwork and improve working conditions than through laughter? Happy employees make for a happy workplace!

Of course with the twisted slaves elves working here how can we not laugh! :)

2 Responses to “(April 04) This Week we're celebrating. . . Laugh at Work Week”

  1. Elisa Says:

    Hey Louie,
    Are you recycling pictures??!! You used this on Goof Off Day! Let’s see some new funny pictures with the “elves”! We enjoy laughing at those goofy pictures while we’re at work. They’re always good for a chuckle.

  2. Randall Munson Says:

    As the founder of LAUGH AT WORK WEEK, I am happy to see you are celebrating the week with many others around the world! If you are looking for some great humor, go to my web site (http://www.CreativelySpeaking.com ) and click on FUN STUFF.

    You can also subscribe to my electronic newsletter, Business Magic® There is a funny photo in every edition!


    Randall Munson

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