(May 16) Today we're celebrating. . . International Sea Monkey Day

International Sea Monkey Day
Ahh yes sea monkeys. The greatest hoax fostered upon children worldwide! Oh how they seduced us with those colorful advertisements of smiling, dancing sea life. There was Mom, Dad, Buffy and Scooter! It was an underwater Ozzy and Harriet world and we wanted in!

But then – “What the hell was this?” Where’s my smiling Whoville-like sea critters?

Oh how Mother needed to console us that day, as we experienced our first taste of the bitterness of what life had in store. Oh the shame, the unjustice, the therapy. 

photo credit: Ghosts #24 Alternate art Sea Monkey ad by Lady, That’s My Skull

2 Responses to “(May 16) Today we're celebrating. . . International Sea Monkey Day”

  1. Sea Monkey Geek Says:

    Sorry you were disappointed. Once you get past their lack of anthropomorphic traits though, they are pretty fun. Maybe not fun enough to dedicate a whole blog too or anything like that but… then again maybe so.

  2. Unplug Your Kids » Today is International Sea Monkey Day! Says:

    […] could I nearly have missed this important holiday! I just discovered that today, May 16th, is International Sea Monkey Day! (I kid you not.) Children the world over will dress their Sea Monkeys up in their Sunday-best, […]

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