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(June 30) Today we're celebrating. . .  Leap Second Adjustment Time

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

06302007t.jpgLeap Second Adjustment Time
A leap second can be added, or subtracted, twice a year to keep time in sync with the atomic clock time.

The second is added, or subtracted, at midnight on June 30th and January 31st.

Although a…leap second is “added” at midnight, its effect actually slows down the atomic clock by one second…since a…leap second represents an extra second that must be counted before the new day can begin.

(June 29) Today we're celebrating. . .  Jesus Phone Day

Friday, June 29th, 2007

06292007jp.jpgJesus Phone Day
OK its finally here. The day every geek, nerd and rich old guy (!) has been waiting for.

The day we get to join the unwashed masses and stand in line for hours and hours just to get our sweaty little hands on the one, the only, the iPhone (cue the celestial voices).

So you if notice a mass stampede of IT guys leaving work early today, you’ll know to run for your life and get out of the way.

 Why all the fuss? Because there’s nothing more divine than a pretty shiny new toy. Especially shiny new toys from Apple. Hmmm. What would Jesus do?

(June 28) Today we're celebrating. . .  National Handshake Day

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

National Handshake Day
Ever encounter one of those “dead fish” handshakes! Eck! Creepy!

Well a good handshake is important. Especially in the business world, where deals are finalized with a handshake and where a bad handshake could derail the whole deal!

So don’t be a “dead fish” and take some time today to practice your handshake. A good, firm and dry handshake!

photo credit: handshake by iamtonyang

(June 27) Today we're celebrating. . .  Decide to Be Married Day

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

Decide to Be Married Day

“It’s in the deciding to be united in love, to express your joyful onesness to every person you meet, and in every action you take and together a perfect marriage you’ll make*”

Inspired by the poem Decided to Be Married, a day for celebrating those brave souls who’ve decided its time to end their lives get married.

Oh. And by the way – its also National HIV Testing Day!

*Decided to Be Married; poem
photo credit: Greeting the wedding couple by The Macbeths via flickr

(June 26) Today we're celebrating. . .  National Columnist's Day

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

National Columnist’s Day
While originally intended as a day of celebration for newspaper columnists, with the explosion of the blog-sphere and online reporting, it might be just as appropriate to thank our electronic brethren along with those of the ink-stained persuasion.

photo credit: Blogging in Singapore by quadmod via flickr

(June 25) Today we're celebrating. . .  Please Take My Children to Work Day

Monday, June 25th, 2007

Please Take My Children to Work Day
Sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet as you send the little ones out the door today. All day!

photo credit: day 73 – warming up by awynhaus via flickr

(June 24) Today we're celebrating. . .  Celebration of the Senses

Sunday, June 24th, 2007

Celebration of the Senses
Experience and stimulate as you celebrate the five senses: taste, touch, scent, sight, and sound.

photo credit: The 5 senses by goddess_spiral via flickr

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