(July 17) Today we're celebrating . . .  Wrong Way Corrigan Day

07172007wwc.jpgWrong Way Corrigan Day

Douglas “Wrong Way” Corrigan … was an American aviator … (who) In 1938, after a transcontinental flight from Long Beach, California, to New York, he flew from Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, New York, to Ireland, even though he was supposed to be returning to Long Beach. He claimed that his unauthorized flight was due to a navigational error, caused by heavy cloud cover that obscured landmarks and low-light conditions, causing him to misread his compass…

Corrigan’s “error” caught the imagination of the … American public and inspired many jokes. The nickname “Wrong Way’ Corrigan” passed into common use and is still mentioned (or used as satire) when someone has the reputation for taking the wrong direction

source / photo source: wikipedia – Douglas Corrigan

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