(September 10) Today we're celebrating . . .  National Boss / Employee Exchange Day

National Boss / Employee Exchange Day
By switching places today, bosses and employees are supposed to get a better understanding of their jobs and responsibilities.

Oh baloney! I’m looking forward to this day cause while the elves have to come in nice and bright and early. I get to sleep to noon, then stroll into the office when I get around to it. I won’t have to shower, shave, or even fix my bedhead hair. And of course I’ll still be wearing the clothes I fell asleep in! Why I think I’ll even wear that Superman cape we’ve got floating around the office somewhere.

And lets not forget the 2 hour lunch. Complements of the elves, of course!  Oh what poetry, what joy!

photo credit: tygrax via flickr

2 Responses to “(September 10) Today we're celebrating . . .  National Boss / Employee Exchange Day”

  1. Mark Says:

    Yeah, I’ll treat ya to lunch, but I would like you to program me a website before noon and I would also like you to move ALL items on the page over 1px. Oh and redo that logo position, It HAS to be centered, while your at it, optimize the site for low bandwidth users, while keeping within standards and and not breaking compatibility with IE. Oh and if it could also work with my iPhone that would be awesome.

  2. louiev Says:

    Well. There’s hope for you yet!

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