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Constitution Day and Citizenship Day, Constitution Week, 2007- A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America

Monday, September 17th, 2007

Constitution Day and Citizenship Day, Constitution Week, 2007
A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America


NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim September 17, 2007, as Constitution Day and Citizenship Day, and September 17 through September 23, 2007, as Constitution Week. I encourage Federal, State, and local officials, as well as leaders of civic, social, and educational organizations, to conduct ceremonies and programs that celebrate our Constitution and reaffirm our rights and responsibilities as citizens of our great Nation.

Full Text – Constitution Day and Citizenship Day, Constitution Week, 2007 - A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America

(September 16) This Week we're celebrating . . .  National Love Your Files Week

Sunday, September 16th, 2007


National Love Your Files Week
A good filling system can be a savior to your life and your business. Well at least to those of us with unorthodox filing styles.

(Hey! Its only a mess to you. I know where everything is!!)

This month get your files, and life, in order. And if that’s too hard – well there’s always the professionals.

photo source: Automated Solutions Association (ASA).

(September 15) Today we're celebrating . . .  International Eat an Apple Day

Saturday, September 15th, 2007


International Eat an Apple Day

“An Apple a day help keeps the doctor away”

Celebrating the coming of fall and its harvest of fruits, especially the apple.

And to help celebrate here is one of our favorite recipes; for what else but Mom’s Apple Pie. Straight from the kitchen of Holidaymom!

Holidaymom’s Apple Pie

2 cups all purpose flour
1 teaspoon salt
2/3 cup shortening
5-7 tablespoons COLD water
Mix shortening, salt, flour with a fork until crumbly
Add 5 tablespoons water and mix well, adding more water if too dry

Apple Filling
6-8 tart apples (Macintosh, Granny Smith)
Pare, core and thinly slice
3/4 – 1 cup sugar
2 tablespoons all purpose flour
1/2-1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
2 tablespoons butter (or margarine)

Continue for directions

(September 14) Today we're celebrating . . .  Doodle Soup Days

Friday, September 14th, 2007

Doodle Soup Days
What is Doodle Soup? A really weird recipe for a type of chicken soup. How weird? How about vinegar, cayenne pepper, crackers and of course chicken.

And why are we celebrating it? Beats me!

But Bradford Tennessee, the home town of Doodle Soup, gets all worked up over the next couple of days with BBQs, art shows, flea markets among other celebrations.

 And for those of you interested here is the official Doodle Soup recipe.

photo credit: Indignico via flickr

(September 13) Today we're observing . . .  Ramadan

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

09132007r.jpgRamadan (Islamic)
With the sighting of the cresent moon last night, Mulsims around the world began the observance of Ramadan.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar and it is during this month that Muslims observe the Fast of Ramadan. Lasting for the entire month, Muslims fast during the daylight hours and in the evening eat small meals and visit with friends and family.

Ramadan is also a time when Muslims concentrate on their faith and spend less time on the concerns of their everyday lives. It is a time of worship and contemplation and a time to strengthen family and community ties.

According to the Islamic Society of North America the first day of fasting for Ramadan 2007 is expected to be September 13th (depending on where you live).

For more information visit our Ramadan celebration  – Ramadan on the Net

(September 13) Today we're observing . . .  Rosh Hashanah

Thursday, September 13th, 2007


Rosh Hashanah (Jewish)
Today is Rosh Hashanah, the first day of the Jewish New Year, and Jews worldwide are celebrating.

While Rosh Hashanah is widely known and celebrated as the New Years Day of the Jewish calendar, Rosh Hashanah actually has a fourfold meaning – It is the Jewish New Year, the Day of Judgement, the Day of Remembrance, and the Day of Shofar Blowing.

It is the Day of Judgement
As Jews worldwide examine their past deeds and asks for forgiveness for their sins

It is the Day of Shofar Blowing
As the Shofar (the rams horn)is blown in temple to herald the beginning of the 10 day period known as the High Holy Days

It is the Day of Remembrance
As Jews review the history of their people and pray for Israel

And of course it is New Year’s Day
Celebrated with it’s holiday greeting cards, special prayers, and festive and sweet foods (to ensure sweetness in the New Year)

For more information visit our celebration of the Rosh Hashanah – High Holy Days on the Net

(September 12) Tonight we're observing . . .  Rosh Hashanah

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007


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