Its November (and I feel fine)

Its November 1st and the Holidays are fast approaching. So fast in fact the malls and stores out this way are starting to show signs of the Holiday Season! And we only celebrated Halloween yesterday!

November begins with Los Dias De Los Muertos, or Days of the Dead (Nov. 01-02). This import from Mexico and South America celebrates family and friends who have passed. Unlike the sorrow and sadness of the US culture of death, Los Dias De Los Muertos is a happy and jubilant time to remember and honor your loved ones. And there’s lots of smiling skeletons too!

Of course the biggest holiday in November is Thanksgiving (US). Celebrated a bit early this year, the 22nd , there’s really only 3 weeks to get everything ready! Turkey and stuffing recipes anyone?

And who can forget Black Friday and the beginning of the Christmas season? So start saving up those pennies because it feels like its going  to be a quick month!

BTW – I know its in December, but Chanukah is also early this year. First night – December 4th!

Here’s some fun facts about November…

Month of year: 11th
Days: 30
Birthstone: Topaz
Flower: Chrysanthemum
Season: Fall
Horoscope: Scorpio, Sagittarius
Originally the ninth month of the Roman calendar, November was named for novem – the number nine
Important Observances:
US General Election Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday*

*source: Daily Holidays on the Net

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