Holiday Invite: Chanukah on the Net

Chanukah on the Net
Holidays on the Net invites you to a celebration of
Chanukah, the Jewish holiday known as The Festival of Lights.
Chanukah is a celebration of the victory of the Maccabees and
the rededication of the Jerusalem Temple. Commemorating the
miracle of the oil that burned for 8 days, it is observed for
8 days, with special foods and the exchange of small gifts.

For your entertainment we’ve got stories, tasty holiday
recipes, holiday pictures for the kids to print and color, easy
crafts to make, and spinning dreidels!

So bring your kids and tell your friends. Don’t forget
to send your friends and family Chanukah greetings with our FREE
e-greeting cards. Chanukah begins at sundown December 04th.

The History of Chanukah
Every year between the end of November and the end of
December, Jewish people around the world celebrate the holiday of Chanukah, the Festival of Lights…

The Chanukah Menorah
The Chanukah menorah is called a HANUKIYAH. It has nine candle holders. There are eight candles, one for each night of Chanukah. The ninth is called the SHAMASH…

The Chanukah Dreidel
One of the best known symbols of Chanukah is the Dreidel. A dreidel is a four sided top with a Hebrew letter on
each side…

Chanukah Goodies
Holiday pictures to print and color and a fun and entertaining craft project…

Coloring Pictures

Chanukah Craft Project

Chanukah Recipes
Some fun and tasty Chanukah recipes to help celebrate the holiday

E-greeting Cards
Send FREE Chanukah Greeting Cards to your friends and
family. Remember Chanukah begins at sundown December 04th.

Come and celebrate your holidays with Holidays on the Net!
Holidays on the Net

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