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When Does the Tree Come Down?

Friday, December 28th, 2007

I received an email this morning asking when to take the Christmas tree?  I thought I’d share this in case others might have the same question.

When does the tree come down? Before the first of the new year or leave it until the new year?

I believe that’s strictly a personal decision.

Some people put it up on the 24th and take it down on the 26th. Some remove the tree by New Years in order to start the new year off without any “old baggage” from the past year. 

And it also depends on whether you have a live or artificial tree. Some might want to get the dead – live – tree out of the house sooner than someone with an artificial tree.

As for myself - we take our tree down after January 6th – Three Kings Day – the 12th day of Christmas. A family tradition since – umm - forever!

So there are no rules. Its up to you and whatever family traditions you have.

photo credit: g-hat via flickr

(Dec.28) Today we're celebrating. . .  No Interruptions Day

Friday, December 28th, 2007

No Interruptions Day
No phones. No computers. No television. No buzzers. No beeping. No ringing. No noise. No bother. No Interruptions!

Its time to just sit back and rest. Just turn the world off today and enjoy the silence. Recharge yourself and prepare for the new year.

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