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Holiday Invite : New Year on the Net

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

New Year on the Net

The New Year is a time of friends and family, and parties and fun. A time of fireworks, counting down and rockin’ out with good ol’ Dick Clark. It’s a time for resolutions, realizations, and a brand new year.

Did you know that New Year’s Day wasn’t always celebrated on January 1st? Or that there are lots of different foods traditonaly eaten to welcome in the New Year? And why are bombs bursting in air and balls dropping in New York’s Times Square?

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New Year on the Net


(Jan 01) Today we're celebrating . . .  New Years Day

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

New Years Day
A new day. A new year. A new chance. Peace.

Visit our New Year’s celebration : New Year on the Net

(January 01) Today we're celebrating. . .  The 7th, and Final, Day of Kwanzaa

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

The 7th Day of Kwanzaa
The 7th, and last day, of a week long festival celebrating the African American people, their culture and their history.

On the seventh day the black candle is lit, then the farthest left red, the farthest right green, the next red candle, the next green, the final red and then the final green candle. This represents the 7th principle of Kwanzaa – Imani (ee-MAH-nee): Faith.

source: Kwanzaa on the Net – Seven Days of Celebration

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