(Jan 25) Today we're celebrating . . .  Fun at Work Day

Fun at Work Day
Lets face it. Work Sucks!

Its Friday, so lets try to bring some fun and humor into that dull, boring, cubically challenged job of yours. Believe me, I worked in corporate. It sucks helps.

And remember a happy employee is a productive employee. (or at least they won’t be spending their time sending out resumes and viewing pr0n celebrity gossip sites.

photo credit: timon_be via flickr

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  1. Janet Lemond Says:

    Actually working at the EPA isn’t half bad. I used to work for Corporate too. It was like a regular Peyton Place. Then, I worked for OSHA. Yes, that’s right I was an OSHA Compliance Officer and used to go out and pass out penalties for safety and health violations. Only the “good ole boys” were promoted at OSHA, so you would have Master Degree women reporting to men with High School Equivalency Diplomas.

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