(February 13) Today we're celebrating . . .  Get A Different Name Day

Get A Different Name Day
January Minty! Rose Bush! Eks Wye (XY)! Holly Wood! Anita Pee! Ima Hogg! Mary Christmas! Gay Barr! What the hell were their parents smoking?

Not everyone is happy with their birth names and many wish they could change their names. Did you know it was very easy to change your name? Today is the day to bring focus to the unhappiness felt by many who just despise their names and the fact that they can choose a more suitable name.

photo credit: Simon-K via flickr

4 Responses to “(February 13) Today we're celebrating . . .  Get A Different Name Day”

  1. Brian Says:

    Go with something fun, like Forte Macaco.

  2. Daniela Wolfsdorf Says:


  3. IRWIN Says:

    My mother never liked my first name ‘Hyman’, so she began calling me by my middle name ‘Irwin’, and it cought on.

  4. Tweety Bird Says:

    I hate being called jessie and my sister and her kids say it but my name’s jessica I love tweety bird yeah werid it’s bird and boy but I love sweet nick name and my others peaches

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