(February 29) Today we're celebrating . . .  Leap Year Day

Leap Year Day
An extra day that is added evey four years, at the end of February, to bring the calendar into alignment with the Earth’s orbit around the Sun.

The Leap Year runs from March 01, 2008 – February 28 2009.
And has traditionally been the time when a woman can propose marriage to a man. (Of course that as before today’s enlightened times. Or at least we’ll be more enlightened when this administration leaves the planet.)

2 Responses to “(February 29) Today we're celebrating . . .  Leap Year Day”

  1. Kim Says:

    I think Time Change and all This crud with Leap year is silly.

  2. Ben Says:

    Kim is showing her ignorance about time change and our custom of poking fun at ourselves with our traditions is commendable!

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