(March 07) Today we're celebrating. . .  Middle Name Pride Day

Middle Name Pride Day
Ahhh Middle Names. The unwanted step-child of the name game. Aside from those three named celebrities, its a good bet that no one uses their middle names.

Who knows your middle name? Thats what I thought.

Well today is your day to be proud, to let it out and let it free. Tell 3 people, who do not already know your middle name. And hopefully they’ll share their middle names with 3 people. And they’ll tell 3. And so on and so on.

2 Responses to “(March 07) Today we're celebrating. . .  Middle Name Pride Day”

  1. slinki42 Says:

    My middle name is Rae. I’ve only met one other person with that middle name. I like it. It was my mother’s nickname in college.

  2. suzieresearcher Says:

    Hi slinki42:

    I love your middle name. I have a first cousin whose initials spell R. A. E., so we’ve always called her Rae. Thanks for sharing.


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