yaD slooF lirpA . . .   "gnitarbelec er’ew yaboT (10 lirpA)

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3 Responses to “yaD slooF lirpA . . .   "gnitarbelec er’ew yaboT (10 lirpA)”

  1. Claudia Kemmer Says:

    I may be the biggest fool of all! I keep getting mixed up with married, or otherwise “involved”, men. but now I may have found a “keeper”. he doesn’t seem to be attached except to me of course! and he doesn’t know my history since he doesn’t know english. so he has to believe whatever i tell him. isn’t that great! maybe i am not such a big fool after all?

  2. Jan G Says:

    I saw him first.

  3. Claudia Kemmer Says:

    But he is mine all mine, my little russian bear.

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