Countdown to Mother's Day 2008: Mother's Day Gift Guide For the New Mommy

If you’re stuck for the perfect gift idea, starting today we’ll be highlighting Mother’s Day gift suggestions. So whether you’re the husband, parent, child or best friend of a new, veteran or expecting mommy, you’ll find the perfect gift (in a variety of price ranges) in our Guide to Mother’s Day Gifts.

For the New Mommy
There is one thing, and one thing only, that every new mom desperately craves: Sleep. No, you can’t wrap it up and put a shiny little bow on top of it. But sleep is, without a doubt, the most valuable gift you can give. If sequestering mom for eight straight hours of sleep isn’t in the cards, then perhaps you can help make sure that she’s at least comfie for the few hours she does manage to snatch. The All Nighter Body Pillow is just the ticket. The pillow is shaped like a candy cane, providing specially designed contoured support, elevation and comfort. has the All Nighter (Ha! As if!) on sale now for less than $55 with free shipping.

If sleep of any kind is too “holy grail” for the new mama in your life, then you may need to go with Plan B: a house cleaner. For mommies too weary to remember their own name, a maid to vacuum their carpets and scrub their sinks is an immeasurable gift.  If you really want to show your love and appreciation, select a company like Maid Brigade, which only uses products that are safe for mommy, baby and the rest of the family, too. Rates vary by region, size of home and cleaning tasks.

Check back each day for more Mother’s Day Gift suggestions (or you can cheat and check out our whole gift guide here).

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    Here in Kenya we are abit confused as to which mothers day to use. The British or the American because the dates sure vary.

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