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Countdown to Mother's Day 2008: Top 10 Celebrity Moms: #5

Monday, May 5th, 2008

In honor of Mother’s Day, join us as we continue our countdown of the Top 10 celebrity moms. We’ll be highlighting 1 mom daily leading up to the big day, and to our #1 Celebrity Mom herself!

A Top Celebrity Mom

Brooke Shields
Former child star, model, comedian and actress, Brooke Shields also proudly wears the title of mom. The 42-year-old A-lister is mommy to 4-year old Rowan and 2-year old Grier. After battling a debilitating case of post-partum depression following the birth of her first daughter, Brooke used her platform to spread the word about this condition. Her book Down Came the Rain documents her struggle and triumph over PPD, which is experienced by 15-20% of all post-partum moms.

When another A-lister, Tom Cruise, came out against Brooke’s use of medication to treat depression (a position associated with his belief in Scientology), Shields fought back with a searing Op-Ed piece about women and depression in the New York Times. A former Princeton University ungrad, Brooke is bright and passionate – but she also values her friends, so she made up with Tom and even attended his Italian wedding to Katie Holmes. Brooke makes the perfect role model to her girls – beauty, brains and compassion!

Check back each day for another celeb mom (or you can cheat and check out our whole top 10 list here).

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Countdown to Mother's Day 2008: Mother's Day Gift Guide For Bling-Bling Mommies

Monday, May 5th, 2008

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, the crunch is on to find the perfect gift. Of course, mom says that all she wants is a homemade card and maybe some breakfast in bed. But we know that even the most selfless mother (and aren’t they all?!) wants and deserves a little pampering.

If you’re stuck for the perfect gift idea, starting today we’ll be highlighting Mother’s Day gift suggestions. So whether you’re the husband, parent, child or best friend of a new, veteran or expecting mommy, you’ll find the perfect gift (in a variety of price ranges) in our Guide to Mother’s Day Gifts.

For Bling-Bling Mommies
There’s a good reason jewelry is the most popular Mother’s Day gift: there’s no mom out there that doesn’t love a little bauble… or even some full-on bling! If you’re not sure where to start, go classic – a mother’s ring (or bracelet or necklace). We’ve got three great selections, so you can match the gift to her style sensibility (and your budget).

For the traditional mom, a simple, sparkly pendant necklace like this sterling silver one from is the perfect way to show off her favorite gems: Her kids! The pendant is specially made to feature up to four gems, one for each of her children. Precious gemstones (or semi-precious, if that’s your preference) are channel set in the order requested. Prices range from $125 – $1,480, depending on the number and quality of stones chosen.

No, it’s not a traditional mother’s bracelet, but Lucina‘s gorgeous pieces are the perfect gift for a mom with a big heart – so big that she cares not only about her own family, but also about struggling families around the world. Lucina’s exquisite jewelry is made with fair trade-imported and ethically-sourced gems, sliver and other materials – a practice that creates economic opportunities in war-torn communities around the world. It’s almost impossible to choose a Lucina favorite, since one piece is more breathtaking than the next, but we especially love the Women to Women International collection. This stunning Nadia Bracelet in purple is especially stunning. Prices start from under $100.

For a mother’s ring, we love the classic, crisp lines of a stackable gem ring, like the sterling silver ones on sale right now at Sorella. These stunning rings are custom-made, which takes 2-3 weeks – so if a gem ring (precious or semi-precious, depending on your budget) is on your gift list, order it now for guaranteed Mother’s Day delivery.

For the mom whose jewelry box is already over-flowing (is there such a thing as too much jewelry?!), you might be on the prowl for a more practical gift to help her shine. How about Brookstone’s Jewelry Cleaner? Only $50, the ultra-sonic cleaner will keep her fine jewels (and eye glasses, too) sparkly, without any harsh chemicals.

Well thats it for our Mother’s Day Gift suggestions. We hope you’ve enjoyed it. If you’ve missed any of our series – you can find all our whole gift guide here.

(May 05) Today we're celebrating . . .  Cinco De Mayo

Monday, May 5th, 2008

Cinco De Mayo
Contrary to popular belief, Cinco de Mayo is not a celebration of Mexico’s Independence Day, but rather a celebration of the Mexican defeat over the French in the Battle of Puebla.

But throughout the US, Cinco de Mayo has become a day for partying with plenty of tasty, tasty Mexican food and Margaritas!

One of my personal favorite holidays of the year, I was introduced to Cinco de Mayo while living in Los Angeles many, many moons ago! I’ve had many celebrations and parties for Cinco de Mayo over the years and look forward to a nice jumbo strawberry margarita this weekend! Sweeeeeet!!

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