Countdown to US Independence Day 2008 – Top 10 National Parks – Everglades National Park

One of America’s greatest treasures is its National Park system. Today there are nearly 400 national parks in every state in the Union except Delaware.

So join us as we continue our countdown to Independence Day 2008 with a look at our top ten national parks. Why not visit one of them this 4th of July to truly experience America?

Everglades National Park, Florida
America’s largest wetland, the Everglades National Park is home to a diversity of endangered (and dangerous) animals. Furry and scaly friends include the American crocodile, the West Indian manatee, the Florida panther and 27 species of snakes (only 4 are poisonous, though).

If you’re looking for a little adventure this Independence Day, why not take advantage of one of the Everglade’s 47 designated wilderness camp sights — most of which are accessible only by boat.

As you might imagine, summer weather in the Everglades is hot and humid, with temperatures reaching 90 degrees and humidity exceeding 90 percent. Rainy season (and not coincidentally, mosquito season) is June through October, so bring your bug spray. The Everglades National Park is open year-round, 24 hours a day.

Entrance Fees: $10 per private car, good for one week.

For more information: Visit or call the Visitor Information at (305) 242-7700.

Check back each day for another Top 10 National Park (or you can cheat and check out our top 10 parks here).

photo credit: via flickr

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