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(August 08) Today we're celebrating . . .  Happiness Happens Day

Friday, August 8th, 2008

Happiness Happens Day
Whatever the reason you’ll find lots of smiles today. Everywhere. On everyone.*

So join the fun and happiness today. Sponsored by The Society of Happy People, here’s some suggestions on celebrating the day…

In August on the 8th (the official Happiness Happens Day) or anytime during August for Happiness Happens Month wear your SILVER shades, donate your SILVER coins, pay someone’s toll, bus or subway fare, buy a soda, or take up a donation for your favorite charity, or pass out SILVER kisses. Why SILVER? Because not-so-secretly happy people have a way of finding the SILVER lining in even the darkest clouds.

For more ideas visit the website of  The Society of Happy People.

*Well almost everyone – there’s always a party pooper somewhere! 

photo credit: smiley 01 by netsrot

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