(September 24) Today we're celebrating . . .  National Punctuation Day

09272007npd.jpgNational Punctuation Day
Commas, and semi-colons, and explanation marks. Oh my!

A day to appreciate the lowly punctuation mark.

So in honor of the day vow never again to ignore the ” , ” or ” * ” or even the mighty ” . “!



7 Responses to “(September 24) Today we're celebrating . . .  National Punctuation Day”

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    […] believe it or not, September 24 is National Punctuation Day. Yeah!  Really!  They said so here!  So, honor the lowly punctuation mark. The . , ! ” ‘ : ; – and — and […]

  2. Ryan Says:

    Who cares Ya know it’s not like this is important at all in fact I think it is time we ignore it all together aye

  3. Beer Me! Says:

    “Explanation” marks…?

  4. Happy NPD! « I quote myself. Says:

    […] That’s right folks, it’s National Punctuation Day! Let’s all try to save an apostrophe from being in the wrong place. The Fark post about this […]

  5. happy national punctuation day at save the assistants Says:

    […] love a good fake holiday, and today is no exception: it’s National Punctuation Day. It’s also my birthday, and since I’m a grammar nerd, I approve of today’s choice […]

  6. Boris The Spider Says:

    Gramma freak doesn’t know how to justify text properly. Lawlz.

  7. Scott Hanbury Says:

    So what if it’s a made up Holiday?
    ALL Holidays are made up!

    At some point in time a person decided to declare a day.

    What is your point?

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