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Holiday Invite: Halloween on the Net

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

 Happy Halloween!

The year’s most ghoulish holiday is upon us! You are invited to join the Halloween festivities at Halloween on the Net. Come read the story of Halloween, and learn about its roots in the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain and its connection to the centuries-old Mexican holiday of Los Dias De Los Muertos.

Test your Halloween knowledge at our Did You Know? article. Plan a terrifying night of Halloween fun at one of America’s Top Thirteen Haunted Houses. Then click over to discover the origins of Halloween traditions like pumpkin carving, witches, black cats, and trick-or-treating. Speaking of trick-or-treating, what are your favorite Halloween candies? While many of us are partial to the ever-popular candy corn, here is a list of the top fifteen best Halloween candy treats (and some healthier trick-or-treat suggestions, too).

If you want to do more than just hand out candy to kiddos on Halloween, Holidays on the Net also has a great article on how to plan a spooktacular October 31st kids’ party. Your kids are also sure to appreciate our fun-filled Halloween crafts and DIY costume ideas. And don’t forget to check out our recipe box full of Halloween treats or our Halloween e-cards and Halloween coloring pages

We look forward to seeing you at our Halloween celebration!

Happy Holidays

(October 30) Today we're celebrating . . .  Haunted Refrigerator Night

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Haunted Refrigerator Night
Twas the night before Halloween
and inside the fridge,
something was stirring
among the Moo Goo Gai Pan!

When was the last time you cleaned out your fridge? Are there evil and scary things growing among the leftover containers? As we prepare for the scariest night of the year, show’em what you’re made of by emptying the fridge of all that is unholy inside.

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