Congratulations America!

“But in the unlikely story that is America,
there has never been anything false…
about hope.”

Barack Obama

Congratulations to our new President!





5 Responses to “Congratulations America!”

  1. Dunno Says:

    What’s to be so happy about? I think I’ll move to Canada. This guy is such a big fake and fraud. I hope America can weather this storm until we can elect another real president.

  2. louiev Says:

    And thats the problem all along. There is no “real” Amercia. There is no “fake” America.
    There is only the United States of America.

    Viva the American dream.

    BTW – If you need help packing your bags. Let me know.

  3. Dunno Says:

    And therein lies the REAL problem! Too many people have your lackadaisical attitude…

    Too many people were in love with the fact that he had a ‘rock star’ image or the color of his skin. That’s NO reason to put someone into the highest position in this country. “American Dream” my @ss!

  4. louiev Says:

    I guess that some people will just never understand. Its has nothing to do with the “superstar” BS. It has to do with substance. And convictions. And vision. Which has been sorely lacking in this country for too long. It is time we the people took back our country and move it forward.

    Maybe one day you will “get it”. Maybe not. But most of the country did. But heres to 4 years (and hopefully 4 more) of positive vision.

    And the fact that he is an African-American is just that much sweeter. And historic.

  5. Dunno Says:

    Ummm…. Yeah.

    Keep living in your little bubble. Things are going to get so much worse.

    I’ll take whatever meds you are taking, though….

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