Holiday Invite: Thanksgiving on the Net

Happy Thanksgiving!  

Holidays on the Net is delighted to invite you to partake in our feast of Thanksgiving celebrations. Our table is full this year, but we always have room for one more!

To kick off your Thanksgiving preparations, why not brush up on the story of the first Thanksgiving, the freedom-seeking Pilgrims and their very first Thanksgiving feast, complete with the now traditional turkey. You might also be interested to learn about the traditions of Canadian Thanksgiving, which was celebrated last month by our neighbors to the north. And if you’re a trivia buff, or if you just can’t get enough of Turkey Day, then you will definitely want to visit our Did You Know: The Thanksgiving version.

Of course, the real centerpiece of Thanksgiving is your family’s Thanksgiving feast, and Thanksgiving on the Net has plenty of recipes, decorating tips and craft ideas to make your supper extra special.

If you have never roasted a whole turkey before, or if your bird is always a little on the dry side, you will definitely want to read our article on How to Prepare the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey. And if you are searching for some new culinary traditions, you just might find inspiration in our countdown of the Top Seven Stuffing Recipes to be Grateful For.

Whatever your fancy this Thanksgiving, we know you will find something delicious over at Thanksgiving on the Net. We can’t wait to see you.

Thanksgiving will be celebrated Thursday November 27, 2008.

Happy Holidays,
Holidays on the Net


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