(December 07) Today we're observing . . .  Pearl Harbor Day

Pearl Harbor Day
By Presidential Proclamation, today we honor and remember those who were killed when the US Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii was attacked by the Japanese Air Force on December 07th, 1941. Before September 11th 2001, this was the first and only only attack on US soil.



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  1. Tim Reynolds Says:

    Nice post. Thank you for the info. Keep it up.

  2. ScrapWizard Says:

    Happy holidays to all, I made a Kwanzaa ‘rub-on’ for all the scrappers out there. Or, you can use it on cards or whatever you are sending out to wish everyone a joyous Kwanzaa. You can download it here, no strings, no tracking cookies…..I’m just a little retired lady wishing you a happy time.
    Just copy and paste this into your browser.


  3. Dren Says:

    There is a game server running a flight simulator game today in honor of Pearl Harbor. The Game is called IL-2 1946 and the game community is called the Allied War Machine and are located at AlliedWarMachine.com Why don’t we all take a break from the current reality of our political and economical situations and reflect onto a time in the past when our countrymen stood and rallied against extreme hardship and fighting in retaliation to unprovoked attacks which cost the lives of so many of our countrymen and awoke the sleeping giant that was the Allied War Machine.

    Let us honor those who fought and those who died, those who gave up much and those who sacrificed everything in defense of our freedoms and our nation while honoring them in an enjoyable manor. Let us remember those men and women who during a time of great adversity rose up and fought back even as over whelming odds were stacked against them.

  4. TimMiller Says:

    I am a veteran of the United States Army, and have one Grandfather who served on the U.S.S Barry in World War II. I read about a lot of books about and have been studying The European theater of operations for about 10 years now. Not to get all “Tom Brokaw” on you or Cliche-ish, but I truly value and admire the people from the greatest generation–both those who served over seas in the military as well as those who assisted in the war effort here on the homefront.

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