(December 30) Today we're celebrating. . .  Oh My! Day

Oh My! Day

‘Twas the day before the night before New Years begins
Is it true? Can it be? That we’ve actually run out
Of silly festivals? Goofy names? A daily holiday drought?

There seems nothing left to celebrate
And we’re darn petered out!
We’ve done Blah Blah, zucchinis and a great apple pie.
But Oh My!? Oh My!? Oh My My My My!

Is it possible on this 364th day of the year
We have nothing to celebrate, no jollies, no cheer.

So on this day before the night before a new year begins
Let’s celebrate this new one. Oh My! Come on friends
But Oh Why you may ask? Oh My!? But Why?
As the Sulu proclaims – “OH MY!”
That’s why!

photo credit: Dalla* via flickr

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