(January 27) Today we're celebrating . . .  Thomas Crapper Day

Thomas Crapper Day

Yes its true. Today we celebrate the man behind the porcelain throne – Thomas Crapper.

Though credited by many as the inventor of the flush toilet, Crapper was not, but he did popularize the WC (water closet).

He was a shrewd businessman, salesman and self-publicist. In a time when bathroom fixtures were barely spoken of, he heavily promoted sanitary plumbing and pioneered the concept of the bathroom fittings showroom*

Crapper did hold numerous patents that helped modernize indoor plumbing. His company, Thomas Crapper & Co. Ltd., is still creating reproductions of his original designs.

BTW – About the word Crap …

…is old in the English language, one of a group of nouns applied to discarded cast offs, like “residue from renderings” (1490s) or … probably extended from Middle English crappe “chaff, or grain that has been trodden underfoot in a barn” (c. 1440), deriving ultimately from Late Latin crappa, “chaff.”

Yet another purported explanation is that Crapper’s flush toilet advertising was so widespread that “crapper” became a synonym for “toilet” and people simply assumed that he was the inventor.*

photo credit: public domain (via wikipedia)
*link: wikipedia – Thomas Crapper

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  1. Polperro Hertiage Press Says:

    The real Thomas Crapper Day has to be Wednesday, 27th January 2010, which marks the centenary of his death in 1910. To find out how the eponymous Mr Crapper’s name become synonymous with the appliance he devoted his life to, read ‘Flushed With Pride’ by Wallace Reyburn. A new edition of his amazine story has just been published.

  2. clara251 Says:

    happy crapper day

  3. amie Says:

    i just used the crapper

  4. Mike Says:

    What a crappy day out

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