Great Gift Ideas for Celebrating a Frugal Valentine's Day : #8

Money Can’t Buy You Love – How to Celebrate a Frugal Valentine’s Day

Last year, Americans spent nearly $18 billion on Valentine’s Day — that’s an average of $120 per Cupid’s arrow!

But with the economy tanking and job losses hitting an all time high, even lovebirds might not be in the mood to sing. The good news is that romance doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are plenty of ways to woo your Valentine while appealing to a pocketbook of any size. So join us as we take a look at frugal and imaginative gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

8. Bloom Where You’re Planted
Americans buy and send 110 million roses for Valentine’s Day every year. The tradition started long ago — in fact, legend has it that the red rose was a favorite of Cupid’s father, Venus (AKA the god of love).

Of course, florists are wise to the power of the rose, which is why they raise the price 50% or more on Valentine’s Day. With the average cost of sending a dozen roses on February 14th now hovering around $70, Venus’ favorite is definitely not the most frugal choice.

Instead of plucking some blooms, why not try planting them? Take a trip to your local nursery and pick out a flowering perennial together. Then get down and dirty in your backyard planting a living, breathing, growing reminder of your love.

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