Holiday Invite: Amoré on the Net (Valentine's Day)



Happy Valentine’s Day!

Holidays on the Net is delighted to invite you to join our love-filled celebration of this most romantic holiday — Amore’ on the Net.

To make sure that Cupid’s arrow hits its mark, Holidays on the Net has everything you ever wanted to know about the origin of Valentine’s Day. Like, did you know that Cupid was the son of Venus, the Roman god of love? And that many historians believe that the first Valentine’s Day can be traced back to a Roman fertility celebration? (We’ve got lots more Valentine’s Day facts and figures over at Holidays on the Net, so come flex your trivia muscle!)

You don’t have to be in America to get in on the amore. Learn how Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world, from the Far East to the Middle East. We even have a special article about China’s unique love celebration, in which the seven daughters of the Heaven Goddess came to visit Earth.

Learn why chocolate is a mainstay of Valentine’s Day gifts. (Hint: It’s not just because they come in a heart-shaped box.) Try out one of our chocolate recipes to win the way to your Valentine’s heart. Or, if you are preparing a full-course meal, experiment with one of our most arousing recipes for your love feast

From simple to elaborate, we have plenty of suggestions for celebrating Valentine’s Day with your sweetie, including an article on how to date your mate. And given this year’s economic crisis, we could also afford to be a little more thrifty — so be sure to read our guide to frugal romance and inexpensive gift-giving.

If you have little ones at home, read our tips for celebrating Valentine’s Day with children. Get inspiration from our dozens of holiday craft ideas, plus coloring pages and a step-by-step guide to making your own Valentine’s cards. Or, if crafting isn’t your thing, spread the love with one of our Valentine’s Day e-cards.

Phew! We have been busy, busy, busy getting in the Valentine’s Day mood over at Holidays on the Net. Now we are so excited to share our love with you! We look forward to seeing you at Amore’ on the Net.

Remember Valentine’s Day will be celebrated Saturday February 14th!

Happy Holidays,

Holidays on the Net 


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