Did You Know? Countdown to Purim 2009 (03/05)


Did You Know?
Facts, Figures & Folklore About the Jewish Holiday of Purim

March 05 : 04 days till Purim

Did you know that hamantashen are a three cornered pastry filled with poppy seed* that are served on Purim? The cookies are named for the three-cornered hat that Haman wore. In Hebrew, hamantashen are called oznei haman, or Haman’s ears.

*hamantashen can also be filled with different fillings including fruit jams, chocolate, even peanut butter. (check our website for tasty Hamantashen Recipes )

The most festive of Jewish holidays, Purim is a time of prizes, noisemakers, costumes and treats. The Festival of Purim commemorates a major victory over oppression and is recounted in the Megillah, the scroll of the story of Esther. Purim begins at sundown on the 09th of March.

We’ll be presenting a new “Did You Know?” fun fact each day as we countdown to Purim! So stop by again tomorrow or for those with no patience you can visit our Purim celebration for our list of Did You Know? Purim facts.

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