Did You Know? Countdown to Passover 2009 (04/08)


Did You Know?
Facts, Figures & Folklore about the Jewish Holiday of Passover

April 08 : Tonight is 1st night Passover

Did you know that at the Passover seder, the youngest child is instructed to recite the Four Questions?

Known in Hebrew as Mah Nishtana, these questions evoke the central themes of the holiday:

Why do we only eat matzah on this night?

Why do we eat bitter herbs on this night?

Why do we dip our foods twice, once in charoset and once in salt water, on this night?

Why do we eat in a reclining position, propped up by pillows, on this night?

Spring has arrived and with it comes the eight-day Jewish holiday of freedom. It’s time to clean out your chametz, open up a box of matzah and set up for your seder. So join our Passover festivities to learn all about this pinnacle holiday in the Jewish calendar.

Tonight is the first night of Passover and we’re finished presenting our Passover “Did You Know?” facts. Thanks for joining us as we counted down to the first night of Passover (begins tonight at sundown)!

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