Countdown to Mother's Day: Top 10 Celebrity Moms: #5


In honor of Mother’s Day, join us as we continue our countdown of the Top 10 celebrity moms.

We’ll be highlighting 1 mom daily leading up to the big day, and to our #1 Celebrity Mom herself!

A Top Celebrity Mom

Brooke Shields
Former child star, model, comedian and actress, Brooke Shields also proudly wears the title of mom. The 43-year-old A-lister is mommy to 5-year old Rowan and 3-year old Grier. After battling a debilitating case of post-partum depression following the birth of her first daughter, Brooke used her platform to spread the word about this condition. Her book Down Came the Rain documents her struggle and triumph over PPD, which is experienced by 15-20% of all post-partum moms.

When another A-lister, Tom Cruise, came out against Brooke’s use of medication to treat depression (a position associated with his belief in Scientology), Shields fought back with a searing Op-Ed piece about women and depression in the New York Times. A former Princeton University ungrad, Brooke is bright and passionate – but she also values her friends, so she made up with Tom and even attended his Italian wedding to Katie Holmes. Brooke makes the perfect role model to her girls – beauty, brains and compassion!

Check back each day for another celeb mom (or you can cheat and check out our whole top 10 list here).

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