Did You Know? Countdown to June 2009 (06/01)

Did You Know?
June 01

It’s June!

Month of year: 6th
Days: 30
Birthstone: Pearl
Flower: Rose
Season: Spring, Summer
Horoscope: Gemini, Cancer

June is named after the Roman goddess Juno, wife of Jupiter

Important Observances:
Flag Day
Father’s Day

Notable Birthdays:
Marilyn Monroe (01)
Frank Lloyd Wright (08)
Donald Duck (09)
Judy Garland (10)
Maurice Sendak (10)
Jacques Cousteau (11)
Pres. G.H.W. Bush (12)
Anne Frank (12)
Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen (13)
George Orwell (25)
Captain Kangaroo (27)
“Happy Birthday to You” Song (27)

CNN (01)
Heimlich Maneuver (01)
AIDS (05)
D-Day (06)
Bill of Rights (08)
Alcoholics Anonymous (10)
Ball Point Pen (10)
Stonewall Riots (28)
N.O.W. (30)

Thanks for joining us for our “Did You Know?” count down to June!

Happy June,
louie and the holiday elves

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