If July 4th Lands on a Weekend?

Since July 4th falls on a Saturday this year, we’ve gotten emails asking what is the policy about getting the Friday before (July 3rd) off from work.

According to Wikipedia, Federal employees should get the 3rd off. But for state/local and private business employees its at their employers discretion.

From Wikipedia: Federal Holidays

If a holiday falls on a Saturday it is celebrated the preceding Friday; if a holiday falls on a Sunday it is celebrated the following Monday. Most, but not all, states and most private businesses also observe a Sunday holiday on the following Monday. It is less common, however, for a state or private business to observe a Saturday holiday on the preceding Friday. Some states and private businesses may observe it then, a few may observe it on Monday, and some may not observe the holiday at all in those years. In particular, banks that close on Saturdays do not observe a holiday when it falls on Saturday.

5 Responses to “If July 4th Lands on a Weekend?”

  1. sharon Says:

    for some people, like me some holidays are just another day

  2. Patrycja Says:

    I run a medical practice ALL BY MYSELF. A “normal” doctor hires at least 4 people to do what I do alone. If it were up to my boss, I would NEVER have off, weekends or holidays “because we are so backed up with work”. Try to be an administrative and personal assistant, a medical biller, a bookeper, a receptionist, a secretary, an insurance consultant, credentialing manager and office cleaner ALL AT ONCE and not be backed up!

  3. Ken Says:

    Just to remind you, the 4th is on Sunday, not Saturday as stated above.

  4. louiev Says:

    Thank you for your comment but you have found a post from 2009 and at that time the 4th was on a Saturday.

  5. LouLou Says:

    i work for a copmany who does not give any days off but, New years, Thanks Giving and X-mas..I get No sick days, no vacation, No insurance..And then they get mad when I miss a day cause i’m sick or my kids are sick..makes me sick, sick, sick..

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