(June 26) Today we're celebrating . . .  Take Your Dog to Work Day

Take Your Dog to Work Day
Celebrate the companionship of man’s best friend and promote adoption of rescue dogs from animal shelters.




photo credit: via flickr

2 Responses to “(June 26) Today we're celebrating . . .  Take Your Dog to Work Day”

  1. angie Says:

    that’s my riley! :D

  2. aardvark Says:

    Our dog is “Bob,” a spayed, off-white, 50 lb. Lab mix we got from the local Humane Society when she was 10 wks. old. She was a stray. She’s a lively, trim 11 1/2 now — the vet can’t believe she’s as old as she is!

    Being a little twisted in the humor department, I wanted to name this all white dog “Spot,” but the kids were embarrassed. On the ride home from getting her (we don’t say adopted because we’ve adopted children, not animals), our then 4-yr. old son suggested “Bob,” not quite having mastered the gender, name thing. His siblings jumped on it and “Bob” it is. Since I am a home educator, she has indeed been “at work” with me today :)

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