(July 09) This Week we're celebrating . . .  Nude Recreation Week

07092007n.jpgNude Recreation Week
Have you been walking around barefooted? Well its summertime and its hot. So why not go “barefoot” all over?

Nudist organizations will be holding activities at “clothing optional” beaches, campgrounds and resorts all week. So why not go “barefoot” and give it a try?

Oh – and don’t forget the sunscreen!

photo credit: Darkman via flickr

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  1. Nicky Hoffman Lee Says:

    As head of the organization that originated Nude Recreation Week, I am happy to see posts like this one. Nude Recreation Week is every week all year long, but we chose this one week in July to bring our way of life to the forefront. Thanks for promoting this wonderful way to live. Nicky

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